With the graudal lifting of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Stay at Home Orders, the Courts as well as alcohol and drug monitoring sites are opening back up. This means that if you are on probation or bond you will have to begin testing or begin testing again. What does this mean for you if you are on probation or bond? It means that there are bound to be many problems, some of which I will touch on below, that you will need help finding a solution to.

Let’s look at the situation involving the person who was arraigned on a alcohol related offense after the Courts were closed to the public.  You were probably arraigned from the jail or via video conference and ordered to refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol.   You were also told that once testing facilities opened back up you would be contacted and told that you had to begin testing.   That day has either arrived or is coming soon.  This presents the question of what do I have to do to comply with the court ordered testing or or even worse what do I do if I miss a court ordered test.  I have been actively working with clients who have these types of problems to ensure that the problem does not result in a bond  vioalton and a subsequent revocation of bond.

A second situation involves people who were on bond or probation prior to Covid-19 and were testing.  What happens if you, due to Covid-19,  lost your job and can no longer afford testing?  You need an attorney in your corner who can explain the situaion to the Court, who can also come up with an alternative that  satisfies the Judge.  During the Covid-19 pandemic I have been helping clients solve these types of problems, by working with the courts and probation departments to ensure my clients remain in compliance.  Given my expereicnce in dealing with these types of situations, I am highly qualified to represent new  clients who are experiencing similar problems..  If you find yourself in this situation there is always a solution to the problem.

These are just two of the potential problems that you may have with testing.  For Answers to these problems or any others I can be reached at 248-353-6500 or by email at Jeff@fsslawpc.com