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At Fried Saperstein Sakwa, PC, we adhere to the team approach.  You will have three, highly experienced, criminal defense attorneys in Michigan working on your case.  Collectively, they have over 80 years of courtroom experience.  We believe the team approach allows us to solve problems that other criminal defense attorneys cannot. Whether you are being investigated for an alleged crime, or are currently charged with a crime, we will help you navigate your way through the legal system.

Our experienced team of criminal lawyers in Oakland Country have tried cases from major felonies, such as First Degree Murder, to misdemeanors, such as Domestic Violence and Operating While Intoxicated.  When it comes to protecting your rights, we do not back down.

Michigan Criminal Attorney's Practice Areas:

Felony crimes punishable by more than one-year incarceration:

Cyber Crime

Facing a cybercrime charge can feel like a helpless situation, as many are still attempting to figure out all the different online laws. We have worked in cybercrime defense for several years now, and we study each case to figure out the proper steps to fight any and all charges.


Whether it is voluntary, involuntary, vehicle manslaughter, or murder, our experience in defense in complicated cases like these are second to none. With a severe crime such as homicide and murder, it is vital to have a defense willing to put in the extra work to reduce the risk of a very long or a life sentence.

Criminal Sexual Conduct

Harassment, unwanted touching, exposure, and other forms of criminal sexual conduct can put individuals in a challenging situation. Defending against charges like this include refuting any allegations from the victim and proving that statements are false. Consent is also a way to fight against claims like these.

Operating While Intoxicated Causing Serious Injury or Death

If a severe injury or death occurs in an accident, a person could face a charge of operating while intoxicated causing serious injury or death. To prove the claim, the prosecution must present evidence that the driver was impaired or legally intoxicated during the crash. We fight hard to defend against any false claims, putting our clients in the best situation possible.


Another word for standard theft, a larceny charge varies considerably based on what property is stolen. Looking at the monetary value often dictates if a person faces a felony or a misdemeanor. Fighting against larceny charges can range from claiming consent to entrapment. We explore the larceny charge from all angles to help give people a bit of clarity.


Another form of larceny, embezzlement is specific to taking property from someone else after being trusted to care for it. Anyone in charge of money for someone else can face embezzlement charges, and fighting against a claim can seem tricky. Our knowledge on all the factors that must be present in a successful embezzlement charge can help with a proper defense.

White Collar Crimes/Fraud

There is a wide range of white-collar crime and fraud charges that can be brought upon any individual. From stealing money without using force to pulling off fraud, white-collar crime requires a lot of proof for charges to stick. Investigating the entire case to help with a valid defense can reduce or even illuminate all charges.

Health Care Fraud

If there is suspicion of a false claim with healthcare insurance, there are significant fines and potential prison sentences used as punishment. Fighting against healthcare companies can seem intimidating, but we have years of experience doing exactly that. Do not let big companies intimidate with huge charges without getting a defense lawyer capable of breaking everything down.

Drug Charges

Whether a person is caught manufacturing, trafficking, distributing, or merely possessing drugs, there are various sentences handed out. A lot of proof must go into every successful drug charge, which is why so many reach out to us and our experience. We know how to fight to reduce charges when possible, and get charges dropped if there are any false claims.

Retail Fraud

Also known as shoplifting, punishments are dictated by how much property is stolen from a retail store. Some retail stores are quicker to press charges than others, but a quality defense team can step in and fight against any attempts of intimidation.

Weapons Charges

Weapon charge can vary greatly depending on where it is being used, and what it is being used for. We investigate each case and look at possible angles that can put a person in the best situation possible. No matter how small or large a weapon charge might be, we can help out when possible.

Resisting the Police

There are many cases in which resisting the police charge can be disputed. With so much gray area, it is essential to have a defense attorney willing to investigate and understand the incident in general. Never fight against the police without help from trained professionals working in law.

Fleeing and Alluding the Police

A fleeing and eluding charge often comes down to a judgment call on behalf of the police. In some instances, it is one of the easier charges to fight against with a defense attorney. We know how to approach these charges and handle everything promptly.

Misdemeanor crimes punishable by one year or less incarceration:

Operating While Intoxicated

Receiving a charge of operating while intoxicated can put anyone in a challenging situation. Whether it is a suspended license, fines or jail time, we make sure to collect evidence to fight against any out of the ordinary charges.

Domestic Violence

Any abuse or disputes involving family or personal relationships fall under the category of domestic violence. Allegations of domestic violence can put many in tough situations, but they must be proven to bring charges against an individual. We have years of experience fighting against false claims of domestic violence, severely reducing or wiping all charges away for clients.

Assault and Battery

Violent crimes like assault and battery can carry serious charges. They might be two separate crimes, but the severity of the punishment usually depends on factors such as injury and use of a deadly weapon.


Basic trespassing charges can happen without a person realizing, which is a perfect opportunity for people to reach out to a defense attorney to help out. We also help with criminal trespassing charges to get fines and jail times reduced or eliminated completely.

Disorderly Person

Many different charges fall under disorderly person, and some of them require a healthy amount of evidence to prosecute. Having a defense attorney look into all the information of a specific case can help with a reduced fine or even a complete dismissal. Our experienced team has seen just about every charge possible under a disorderly person, and we know how to handle most situations.

Driving While License Suspended

A suspended license can put many in a tough situation. Getting caught driving on a suspended license can bring charges such as fines, jail time, and more. Our ability to fight charges and work with individuals to get their license reinstated helps people get back on track and have transportation in the near future.


We’ve been the legal counsel of choice for many high-profile clients who work in entertainment, sports, television, politics, law, and medicine. We pride ourselves on being discreet as well as an affordable option.

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